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Easy Tips of How to Identify a Copperhead Snake and Its Babies

Maybe you are asking yourself: How do I identify a copperhead snake? How many fatalities does it lead to each year? Is this snake similar to other snakes?

A copperhead snake is probably one of the most common venomous snakes in the southeastern section of the United States. But, unlike all other species present in the world today who mightn’t cope up with humanity habitats, this snake is able to deal with your disturbance.

Its bite is quite dangerous. However, deaths due to its bites are very rare. This snake will only bite you if you step on it. With that said, the thought that is often in our mind is: how to identify a copperhead snake. Let us look at how to recognize this pest.

Tricks and Tips of How to Get Sap Out of Clothing with Ease

If you love the beautiful outdoor as I do or a flashy Christmas tree or you are a golfer that spend most of his/her time outdoors, you might find how to get sap out of clothing information helpful.

All trees produce sap, and there are two types: the first type is the phloem sap which is found next to the outer part of a tree (the bark). This liquid is made of sugars, nutrients, and water that are released from the leaves and travels to the entire tree. The other type of sap is the xylem sap and is found a bit deeper in the wood - the youngest parts of a tree.

How to Stay Warm in a Tent: 7 Simple Tips

Always seem to get a cold body in your tent? Hang on, this post is for you!

Knowing how to stay warm in a tent when camping seems like no brainer – a common sense thing to do. Just put on more clothes and keep your body tight, right? Well, true, but there are also dozens of other practical tips that you may take to minimize the possibility of shivering in your tent too. Believe me, I have been there before (tried almost every trick under the sun).

Being cold makes me grouchy, and while I still camp during the coldest time of the year, I have learned to carry many warm clothes and much bedding as possible (to fit my vehicle). However, you don’t have to outrageously over pack for just a few days of camping, as a few well-selected gears will keep you warm than an arsenal of unsuitable items.

A Guide on How to Tie a Hammock Effectively in Under 5 Minutes

The hammock is one of the most comfortable and affordable beds that you will ever lie on. It is perfect for relaxing on your terrace; by the beach; or as an alternative to a sleeping bag or tent during hikes; or even as an everyday bed at your house. That is if you know how to tie it correctly.

Whether it is a signpost, between 2 skyscrapers, a tree, or anywhere else you might want to put it up, it is essential to know how to tie a hammock. Sure, you may use different knots (even the bunny ears used to work well for me – for awhile), but chances are it will get undone at the most distasteful of times.

What is White Gas? (All You Need to Know About this Gas)

If you plan on backpacking or winter camping, you need to get yourself a liquid fuel stove such as white gas. Maybe you are asking yourself: What is white gas? How is it used?

Unlike other fuels such as isobutene fuel, this gas burns at extremely low temperatures of less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit and generates enough heat to melt ice which is vital for making drinking water at high altitudes or in winter. Besides, this gas is usually available all over the world.

How to Hang A Bear Bag Without Exerting Much Effort

When you’re going out camping, it’s always best to find ways to keep your things in a safe place from bears and other animals at all times. Thus, here comes the proper and easiest ways on how to hang a bear bag for your unfaltering confidence that your stuff is secured.

Although people instantly assume that this process is quite complicated, erase that thought now because there are various methods you can choose from to fit you with ease. Expert campers and even backpackers swear by these techniques.

5 Most In-Demand Make Ahead Camping Meals To Satisfy You

Whenever you and your family or friends are set to go on a weekend getaway and camp somewhere, I know you will agree with me when I say that it has always been a dilemma on which dishes to bring given the hassles of cooking. Aside from the hassle, you are also obliged to carry heavy cooking appliances, ingredients, and the list just goes on and on.

But satisfying your taste buds doesn’t have to be that complicated with the help of make ahead camping meals. Check out these top 5 most in-demand meals that will surely upgrade your camping experience. It’s easy, fast, delicious, and are very nutritious for you. #3 will even make you want to start cooking now! It’s definitely brilliant to try these since it even leaves you more time for socializing and enjoying the whole day.

How to fold a tent in less than 30 minutes

After a worthwhile time spent during your camping, you may realize that folding back a tent properly after its use may not be as easy as setting it up in a flash. With the seemingly complicated parts, we know how hard it is since it may eat up your time and even lead to its damage.

Lucky for you because we have prepared a quick step by step to fold your tent in less than 30 minutes along with some professional tips that even a newbie can instantly get the hang of it. Personally, the best thing about knowing the proper procedure in folding a tent is that it doesn’t only save you time but also avoids all the unnecessary bulk in your bags.

How To Use Dry Ice In A Cooler Effortlessly and Effectively

Are you tired of constantly changing ice in your cooler since it melts so fast? Make the most out of your next long trip by making sure that your prepared foods and beverages are kept frozen in a longer time. It’s about time that you learn how to use dry ice in a cooler to experience its benefits.

Dry ice is made up of carbon dioxide, and its average temperature can reach up to negative 109.3 degrees Fahrenheit meaning it’s really reliable for freezing items. It’s also a great alternative to your usual ice cubes since unlike the traditional ones, it doesn’t turn back into the water as it melts. This is truly advisable for camping because it can easily lengthen the lifespan of your packed goods.

There are various ways and tips we have prepared for you to use and handle it properly. Check them out!

Top 5 Coleman Fuel Substitutes That Are Incredibly Budget-Friendly

As a regular camper, everyone truly enjoys using their camping stoves and lanterns. The number one brand that probably comes in your mind for its fuel would be Coleman. I know you’ll agree with me when I say that the profane fuels are quite heavy on the pockets. While its quality is definitely great, who would’ve known that you can get the equal value for a lower price? This list will help you find the five best Coleman fuel substitutes to prepare on your next exciting camping trip with ease.