Lady Grey Jewelry

One jewelry line i'm really inspired by is Lady grey, created by Jill Martinelli and Sabine LeGuyader. I like the dark vibe of the collection and their use of geometric shapes in their work. It was interesting to read in their Vogue interview that during their jewelry creation process they don't really draw out their projects but instead just go into the studio and start creating stuff.  My favorite pieces are the ones in the center made with the homemade bismuth crystals embedded into it.... wow.  

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JANICE G said...

nice jewelries! definitely great inspirations

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Marina y Brais said...

I love the necklaces!

ROULA said...

Thanks for your beautiful comment on my blog!
Yours looks really interesting too!

Roberta said...

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Love your blog!
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little t said...

That spiky necklace... be mine!