Magic/Liberty Tradeshow Feb - 2014

A few weeks ago I went with our supplier to the Magic/Liberty fashion trade show in  Las Vegas.
There was a lot to take in visually...
This was my 2nd time so I was a little more prepared mentally. haha.
There was also a lot of walking involved too.
The main building of Magic was like the size of like 4 costco's..?

So much hard work and planning goes into each collection so seeing each brand's finished collection at the show was really exciting.
A lot of brands copy each other,
and some just follow the trend a little too much
but the brands that have a strong identity
and that continuously produce something new and true to their brand is really admirable. 

My favorite show was Liberty.
Liberty was a mix of contemporary, heritage, and street brands. 
The vibe was cool, and the people at the booths were pretty cool to talk to too.

I was hoping to hit the jackpot on the Wheel of Fortune machine
so I could buy my dream Celine sunglasses and bag...
but maybe next time.


military green

Jacket - Lily Aldridge for Velvet

This is one of the jackets I wear the most in my closet.
Not only is it sooooo comfortable with the soft material
it seriously goes with so many outfits.
You can throw this jacket on and wear it sweats and still look pretty cool. haha.
I always take this with me when traveing too bc it's so light.

This week work is so crazy.
I guess it's that season again where everyone likes to flood my email box so I cant go home.
When it calms down I can't wait to go back to my normal activites
like sleeping in and going to yoga.

Good night <3



Tee - Wildfox, Shorts - Laguna Moon, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Hat - Sly
Photography by Tammy

This is my simple + casual weekend look.
The hat is from Sly that my best friend sent me from Japan.

I'm still recovering from my LV business trip from last week
but i'm really excited to share some of the pictures from the trade show :)
good night <3




Shirt - Forever 21, Bag & Shoes - Zara
Printed Pants - Some boutique in the mall 

 I <3 this cute shirt from forever 21.
My goal this year is to get my butt to Europe some way... some how...
Gotta make this dream happen.
Have a nice week everyone!


les fatomes noir methode

Leather Jacket - BB Dakota , Jeans - Mother,

Top - All Saints, Suede Boots - ASOS

Photography by Tammy

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend :)

So my addiction to premium denim continues...
This is my first pair of jeans by MOTHER.
I found these on sale at Bloomingdales for 50% off the sale price last year.
I tried on a couple pairs of mustard colored jeans from different brands,
but this pair won me over w/ the fit, fabric stretch, and color.


Wherever you're going, I'm going your way

 Top -  Wildfox
Oxford Wedge - R&E rossence Japan, Leather Shawl - Vintage

Photography by Tammy

It's been about a year since my first trip to the Rosebowl flea market in Pasadena.

The first store my friend took me to had this beautiful leather shawl just sitting there waiting for me to buy it.
I didn't have anything to wear it with for the longest time,
but I was finally able to put together an outfit for it.


geometric mix

Blouse - Twnroom Japan, Skirt - Bandy Melville, Shoes - Top Shop, Jacket - Levis
Photography by Tammy
My favorite geometric blouse from Twnroom Japan.